Opening a New Bay? No Problem!

We pride ourselves on our efficiency in lift installations. You will not find a team more instinctive and coordinated. From the moment we arrive, we will communicate the plan for the location of the lift and access the safety of the location. If you don’t know where you might want your lift, we have a good eye for fluid movement of vehicles through a shop. Corky’s Equipment has been hauling and installing lifts for well over 15 years.

The Process:

  • The technicians will arrive on the day that has been agreed upon.
  • You show us where you’d like the lift to be, or get our input on the most efficient spot.
  • We’ll caulk out the dimensions of the lift on the floor and double check with you to make sure it’s where you want your lift.
  • We’ll upright your lifts in place and drill them into place.
  • If the concrete is bad, or too shallow, we’ll find a new place and start from square one.
  • Finish assembly
  • We will do all the safety checks (Wiring, safety switch, torquing anchors, and adjusting cables).
  • We are not licenced electricians and can NOT wire your lift into place. Please have your electricity ready and in reach.
  • We’ll pack up and leave you with your new automotive lifts, when you’re happy with it.